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Off to Africa!
I cannot believe that this day has finally come. For months I have been telling people of my plans to volunteer in South Africa... and it is finally here. For those who do not know: Eric and I are leaving for Cape Town, South Africa today to spend the next seven weeks volunteering with IVHQ. He will be doing sports development, and I will be working in childcare. We will be living among other volunteers, and immersing ourselves in the community to better the world we live in.

We have our stuff packed, the GOT books, and are ready to go.

As most of you know, about a year and a half ago I said goodbye to my family and friends and left for five months in Germany. Now, ten months later, I am leaving again. Without the unwavering support and love from my parents, I would not be able to have these wonderful life journeys. I am so grateful and blessed to have had such wonderful parents guide me to become pretty awesome individual I am today. Also, the money helps. It definitely helps. One could say that it actually made some of these adventures happen.

Over the next seven weeks, I would like to blog about my experiences in Africa. As I leave for this marvelous adventure, I hope to share it with you all; as you all can only benefit from my at times embarrassing behavior if I publicize it on the interwebs. I look forward to embarking on this mission with my amazing partner. Our goal of this trip is to help better our world community, partake in awesome adventuring, and to return back to our adult lives in Chicago. We are aiming for 100%, but two out of three would be ok too :)

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Looking forward to reading about your excellent adventures!!!

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