Destiny Ever After

Because college is a fairy tale

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This was great honey. Grandma Betty loved you two so completely and I was always so grateful for that. You were very, very lucky to have her and I know she felt the same.

She did spoil you rotten, lol. Don't forget that she was willing to let you have Play-Doh, which I was not. That alone, is worth a gold star.

RIP Grandma Betty, you were a wonderful woman. <3

Missing Grandma Betty In Michigan, too!

So eloquent Destiny! I would ship you fudgesicles and ham salad (along with Grandma's "famous" dip) in a heartbeat if I thought it would last! She was such a special lady and mothered not only her son, but her grandsons, and her great-grandchildren. We are all so lucky to have had her in our lives, and we will miss her greatly!

Desi Lynn, My thoughts & love are w/you especially today & days to come. Allow your memories to help you out! Betty was a grand lady to be admired by all! You summed her up so very completely, and then some--We all love her and she will be missed BUT never forgotten. Take care of yourself and by the way, Aunt Wendy makes some really good dip!
Love & Hugs Always, Nana

It stinks being away from family when stuff like this happens. Luckily you have your 'partner' and the feeling of making a difference in the world. You and Tyler were the light of her life and she was very proud of you both. For good reason!

Talk about spoiling, I lived with her for 2 1/2 years. I only remember eating ham salad, pan fried burgers and goulash. I never complained since she prepared the meals, made the bed, did my laundry and gave me gas money. I moved into the fraternity house from there. Over the next 3 years she showed up once a week for my dirty laundry and brought it back the same day with two bags of groceries and homemade brownies. She was my favorite person in the world!

By the way, whatever happened to all of those toys she bought us at KMart? The closet in the spare bedroom had the same toys in it for 30 years.

Your number 1 cousin!

I am so sorry for your loss I know how much u love her. But she will always be with you, your memories will keep her alive. Your a strong good person and I wish more people were like you. You are doing anything and everything you want to its so amazing I wish I could of grown up 2 be like you lol. I miss you so much and I cannot wait to hear more about what your doin. I really do wish I could send you some chocolate or something girl needs her chocolate. I love you destiny!!

Oh Honey. I am so very very very very sorry you lost your greatest grandma. I know from what you wrote that she loved you very very very very much. You must have made her very happy.

If you are ever in Bloomington, let me know and I will get you some ham salad and fudge sicles. :)

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